Tuesday, February 9, 2016

DIY Flip Top Bench Free Plans

DIY flip top bench with pull out bins and free plans

Yes for friends who think alike and love to build furniture to fit their space and needs!  Today I'm so, so happy to provide plans for my friend Charlotte over at Ciburbanity for her flip top mudroom bench.  

Let's start with the fact that Charlotte has 5 little ones and she still finds time to pull off this build - amazing.  You absolutely must see the finished flip top bench over at her place and then come back for the plan details here.

DIY flip top bench with pull out bins and free plans

Charlotte designed the bench to flip up which creates shallow storage in the seat for gloves, hats, scarves, etc.  And below she added pull-out bins for shoes, one for each of her kids.

All the finish details and hardware information are posted over at Charlotte's place and below I have the step by step instructions for building your own flip top bench.  Always follow all safety guidelines when operating power tools.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

DIY Lego Minifigures Shelf with Free Plans

diy lego minifig shelf

I definitely didn't invent the wheel here but I did make free plans so you can build your own Lego minifigures shelf.  There are lots of minifigure shelf ideas out there, some are quite sophisticated with little ledges for each minifig but I went simple.  In fact I didn't even add the baseplates which would be a great option if you like complete uniformity.

diy lego minifig shelf

This version of the minifigure display shelf allows you the freedom to place as many figurines as you choose on each ledge.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Foyer Makeover in Antique Farmhouse

foyer makeover with simply white

Every now and then in between building projects I try to focus on spaces in our home and today I'm sharing the front foyer makeover.  We all know the power of paint and this space is further proof that one small change of color can make a huge difference.

foyer before and after

This is technically the front door of our 1740 farmhouse and I can imagine way back in the day how many people passed in and out (probably not this actual door but rather a more crude version).  We don't actually use this door on a regular basis except for the occassional stranger ringing the bell.

Monday, February 1, 2016

DIY Wine Carrier Free Plans

diy wine carrier with free plans

Handmade gifts are the best and I'm a huge fan of making something rather than buying so today I'm sharing this DIY wine carrier project plan.  It's nothing new or really that creative but it's a simple project that nearly anyone can complete in under an hour.

wine carrier for 2 bottles

This wine carrier holds two bottles just perfectly.  A 1x4 board just happens to be the exact width you need to fit a bottle of wine!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

DIY Pull Out Drawer Dividers for Water Bottles

diy drawer dividers for pull out cabinet drawer

January is definitely the month when getting organized is at the top of everyone's to-do list.  As part of the Build It blog hop, I've joined up with eight other DIY bloggers to bring you 9 organization projects you can build.

build it blog hop organize build challenge

Below are the projects from each DIY blogger:

I'm sharing how to add drawer dividers to a pull out cabinet drawer which are sized just right for water bottles but you could easily adjust them to fit your needs.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

DIY Sliding Barn Door Console Free Plans

DIY sliding barn doon console free plans

Snowstorm Jonas kept me hunkered down all weekend with plenty of time to make proper plans for the sliding barn door console as I've been meaning to tackle for quite some time.

Thank you to everyone who has shown so much interest in the original console post where I shared cut lists and basic construction process.  Your interest and questions spurred me on to make proper plans down below.

You may recall I built this console for week one of the Creating With the Stars series in the Spring of 2014:

diy sliding barn door console

Week one of the contest was a 'knock off' theme and I was inspired by Sundance Catalog's Yorkville Sliding Door Console:

The retail version above sells for $2800 plus $400 shipping - yikes!  I'm sharing the plans to make your own DIY version for $300.

Friday, January 22, 2016

DIY Handpainted Sign

laura ingalls quote

Happy Friday friends!  Sharing how to make a handpainted sign today without using fancy stencils or a vinyl cutting machine.  A few weeks back I posted this new wall art I had made on Instagram and many folks had asked if I would share a tutorial.  Below are the steps to make this planked sign with handpainted lettering, if you can color in the lines then I promise you can make this.

I choose this quote because 1) I recently saw it in the March 2015 issue of Country Living magazine 2) I'm a long time Little House on the Prairie fan and 3) we needed some wall art in that spot after the tree shelf from Christmas came down.

Country Living magazine March 2015

Growing up I wanted to be Laura Ingalls, life on the prairie was so basic and simple and I loved everything about her rustic family lifestyle.  That might explain a little bit of why I choose to buy a 1740 saltbox farmhouse, living out my inner Laura every day (except with indoor plumbing).

laura ingalls quote wall art

At any rate back to the sign.  You can make it any size to fit your space.  I joined a couple 1scrap 1x6 and 1x8 boards to get the width I wanted and cut them all to the same length.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

DIY Owl Bookends

diy scrap wood owl bookends

Scrap wood and book lovers this one's for you: diy owl bookends.  Free plans to make these simple wood owl bookends are up over at Pretty Handy Girl here.

pretty handy girl contributors

Use whatever scrap wood you have on hand to make these and they would look super cute painted too!

diy owl bookends free plans

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Art Cart & Caddy Free Plans

diy art cart and portable caddy free plans

Everyone is still in 'organization mode' so I teamed up with Ana White to bring you this art cart perfect for storing and organizing kids art supplies.  We think this would be a very appropriate build for any kids space, maybe you have the perfect spot somewhere in your home or even to build as a gift for that creative child in your life?

diy portable art caddy

And as a bonus I have plans down below for the removable art caddy.  The caddy gives portablility and allows kids to bring the supplies directly to their work table.

diy art cart and portable caddy free plans

Ana made this build so simple and easy you won't believe how fast it comes together.  I choose to go natural with the finish using two coats of clear poly and I didn't even fill in my nail holes!  Sometimes nail holes don't bother me especially on a utilitarian build like this one.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DIY Kids Play Boutique

diy kids play boutique

Paris Party Playstand Week continues today with the boutique.  If you're just joining in, on Monday I shared the diy kids patisserie playstand I had built for my friend Stefanie at Brooklyn Limestone.  She put together the most beautiful Paris themed birthday party for her daughter and I built the playstands below:

diy kids playstands patisserie menagerie boutique

All the finish work including the painting and lettering plus all the styling details are spot on, isn't this amazing?!  I want Stefanie to be my mom.

I'm sharing the free plans to build the boutique down below.  

DIY Kids Play Make A Menagerie

diy kids play menagerie free plans

Today is the last Paris Party Playstand and we have the menagerie.  If you're just joining in, on Monday I shared the diy kids patisserie playstand and Wednesday was the boutique.  My fellow blog friend Stefanie at Brooklyn Limestone put together the most beautiful Paris themed birthday party for her daughter and I built the playstands:

kids Paris theme party decor

Stefanie did all the painting, lettering on the signs and styling for the party.  How beautiful?!

Below I'm sharing the free plans to build the menagerie.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

DIY Kids Play Patisserie

kids playstand patisserie free plans

A super sweet treat this week and we're starting off with this kids pretend patisserie playstand.  My fellow blogger Stefanie over at Brooklyn Limestone puts together the most beautiful parties and her daughter's 3rd birthday was nothing short of amazing.

It all started when Stefanie posted a quick sketch of her Pretend Play Paris theme over on Instagram.  I saw it and knew I could build it so I offered.  Long story short we came up with plans, I built it (plus 2 more playstands coming this week) and delivered the unfinished stands to her Brooklyn home.  We only live about 45 min. from each other so it's a win, I get to build and she gets the stands!

kids play patisserie free plans dimensions

Today I'm sharing the plans for the kids play patisserie, step by step instructions including cut lists can be found down below but first you must see the finish patisserie playstand.

kids play patisserie with play food

For the love!  That's the birthday girl enjoying some pretend treats.  All the party details and sources for play food are over at Brooklyn Limestone here, be sure to check it out.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Smart Door Hardware & Giveaway

schlage sense smart deadbolt installed

Everything is getting smarter these days, including home technology.  I must admit our home is definitely not the smartest (yes I manually adjust the thermostat every morning and night) so one of my goals for 2016 is to make small changes that will help our home work better and smarter.  When Schlage contacted me asking to try their new Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt I had to give it a whirl and bonus they are offering one lucky reader their own Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt and Handleset!

Look who's smart now?  I can control the deadbolt on my phone.  I can even have Siri do it for me with voice control!  No more fumbling with keys while my hands are full because my phone is usually in my hands anyways.   The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is designed to work with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  And if you happen to have an Apple TV in the home remote capabilities are possible too.

schlage sense smart deadbolt using app

Naturally you would most likely be standing outside to unlock the door but I was having too much fun playing with the app inside I snapped this picture.  The Bluetooth technology works up to about 40 feet in range from the door so you can unlock from the driveway with no problem.

schlage sense smart deadbolt giveaway

The giveaway entry details are down below.  Schlage has a variety of styles and finish options to choose from for both deadbolts and handlesets, you can see them all here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Walk-In Closet Makeover (plus built-in plans)

walk-in closet makeover built-ins

Now that everyone is in full-on organizational mode, purging and cleaning all those closets, I thought it would be a great time to share my walk-in closet makeover.

Fair warning there are A LOT of photos in this post because frankly who doesn't love an organized closet ;)  But for real I tried my best to show you the before and after in all cases plus how I rebuilt, reconfigured and added-on to the existing built-ins.  In addition there are free plans down below to match these built-ins if you're feeling tempted.

walk-in closet makeover with sliding mirror

This walk-in closet has 3 walls of built-ins and the fourth wall is a window.  Above is the long wall and below is the short wall:

walk-in closet makeover with built-in shelves and baskets