Saturday, April 24, 2010

"C" is for Cabinets

It's been 2 1/2 weeks since the cabinet delivery from Ikea and I've completed what I can. Of course there are 3 big boys that need to be modified by the contractor and the fan cabinet will need a hole cut before assembly plus no doors are on but all is ready for installation! Honestly it was not hard, just a small learning curve and I was on my way. Makes me want to order more - just need to figure out where I would put them. Hopefully we start demo in one week.

"F" is for Freecycle

I have my sister to thank for this one, without her I would never have known about Freecycle and now my little girls are truly benefiting. So I was sorting through the Freecycle posts last week and came across this - OFFER: wooden stable with horses. BINGO. We don't have a stable or horses so I knew they would love it. Picked it up the next day and it was fine. Plain. Clean. Did not at all resemble Little Elk Ranch but I could change that.

Here she is before:

And all done up:

So I took a few more pics of all angles. The girls are LOVING playing horses now (should've saved it for Christmas) but it was so much fun to decorate I couldn't contain myself. And thanks to Uncle Dom for that farm animals pop up book he got for girl 1 way back, buddy boy got a hold of it and it was no longer a pop up book but had great images to cut up for the stable.

The horses love their updated stable:

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hey Mom, "that's my letter"

Looking for a name for my etsy shop I heard my son say, "Hey Mom, that's my letter" and there it was, his letter and the name for my shop. Right now the shop is strictly letters ( but who knows what the future will bring.

So I decided to title my blog the same name because isn't everyday all about the kids? Usually. The main reason behind the blog is a place for me to update family and friends about the goings on in our soon to be renovated kitchen and daily life as we all live hundreds of miles apart.

So it begins:

That's right - 144 flat packed boxes and hardware from Ikea. I know I'm capable of putting together almost any Ikea product so this should be no problem. I'm up for the challenge and will do anything to keep cost down.

That was last Wednesday. I'm giving myself until Friday - 9 days to complete the cabinet construction. Keep your fingers crossed!
Letter Lady