Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Mini Wheelbarrow

Build: mini wheelbarrow

Build your own wooden mini wheelbarrow to make the perfect Spring table decor. 

Some marshmallow peeps were hiding in our grass:

This wheelbarrow could hold anything - plastic eggs, bread, wrapped silverware for a buffet setting:

We starting growing wheat grass last week and now we have this:

I lined the wheelbarrow box with plastic wrap and plopped in one whole tray of grass.
Then I cut up the other square tray into long strips and shoved the grass down the sides:

I was inspired by Pottery Barn's wheelbarrow serve bowl:
(Currently sold out so you'll want to make your own!)

My version is a teeny bit different:

And I did find this laundry line wheel at the local hardware store AFTER I had my wheel all cut and ready to go but it would make a great industrial looking option:

Here's how to make the mini wheelbarrow:

1. Cut list:

2 - 1x4 @ 13" cut ends 15 degrees not parallel (box long sides)
2 - 1x4 @ 10" cut ends 15 degrees not parallel (box short ends)
1/4" plywood @ 9 3/4" x 8 1/2"*(box base)
5" circle cut from 3/4" plywood (wheel)
2 - 1x1 @ 26" (handles/supports)
2 - 2x2 @4"* cut one end 10 degrees (legs)
3" hex screw, washers and nut

* measure actual space prior to making cut

2. Build the box.
Using 2" finish nails and glue start with one long side and two short ends:

Add the remaining long side:

Then glue the 1/4"plywood base in place, pushing down in from the top:

3. Cut wheel.
Trace around a plastic deli container top to get a perfect circle.

4. Drill hole in center of wheel using drill bit to fit 3" hex screw:
Drill holes at end of 1x1 handles, try to angle hole slightly so handles can angle outwards:

5. Put wheel and handles together:

6. Attach handles to underside of box at one short end.
Predrill, glue and screw with 2" wood screws:
(You could also add screws at other short end of box but it's not necessary.)

7. Cut legs:
(Legs are pictured upside down.)

8. Line up legs just inside handles on underside of box:

Glue and screw down from box into leg:

Ready for paint:

9. Paint box Benjamin Moore lucky shamrock:

Distress, stain Minwax Early American and seal clear satin poly:


  1. super cute and i love the grass, and it showed up in my reader!

  2. Your wheelbarrow is too sweet Jaime!

  3. Jamie this is adorable! I love the metal wheel option too. Great project and great tutorial!