Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY Starry Side Table Makeover

diy round game table with handpaint star pattern

A quick side table makeover for a round game table in our family room.

A friend had given me this little round side table in an all over dark brown finish.  I needed to refinish the top and decided I would tackle the entire piece.

I painted the base with Annie Sloan Old Ochre chalk paint, stripped the top surface, painted navy stars all around and sealed with 3 coats of satin poly:

diy round game table with handpaint star pattern

This round side table is the perfect addition to our family room.
I can honestly say it gets used every single day by my kids and myself.

How to makeover a side table with star detail:

1. Use kwik strip liquid stripper to remove existing stain and poly.
Let the chemical do the work and then scrap off with a putty knife:

2. Sand to a smooth finish:

how to refinish a round game table

 3. For the base paint on 2 coats Annie Sloan Old Ochre chalk paint:

painted game table base with chalk paint

4. Sand to distress then seal with clear wax:

5. For the stair detail print out a 2" star, determine placement along edge of table and trace using ballpoint pen:

apply star pattern to table top using tracing method

The pressure of the pen creates an indent in the wood:

imprint from tracing star shape on table top

6. To get equidistance placement of the stars start by doing four corners:

7. Then equal spacing in between:

handpainted navy stars on round game table

8. Paint on and inside the indent from the tracing:

handpainted navy stars on round game table

9. Seal the top with 3 coats of Minwax clear satin polycrylic sanding in between coats:

sealed game table with polycrylic


  1. Wow that table really turned out beautiful - love the stars and the chalk painted base!

  2. how perfect is that!!! i LOVE it! love the finish of the top!

  3. Such a neat idea & beautifully executed! My mum collects primitive red, white, & blue decor so I know how much people love this sort of look! :)

  4. My table is so boring but I didn't know the solution until seeing this post. Thank you for this idea.