Thursday, January 5, 2017

DIY Mini State Pennants

Scroll saw wood cutting seems to be quite the trend these days so when I was planning my husband's 40th surprise birthday party I decided to make these mini state pennants as favors. 

diy mini state pennants

To be honest the party was in early December and I'm actually only just now sending out these favors  as part of a thank you card package because I was too sick to finish them in time for the party.

diy mini state pennants

You may recall I posted a sneak peek over on Instagram a few weeks back:

diy state pennants instagram

I cut many more little pennants with the state abbreviation and then spray painted them in fun colors. The states correspond to where the guests at the party come from.

diy mini state pennants

Start out by making a pattern, I drew mine with pencil onto paper but a digital version works too.

Trace the pattern onto 1/4" plywood or MDF.  Another option is to attach the pattern with spray adhesive however that only allows for a one time use so if you need to reuse your pattern just trace. 

ryobi scroll saw

Use a scroll saw to cut out the pennants.  Above is the scroll saw I use and I love the control with a scroll saw, it's like sewing with a saw.

Sand any rough edges and use gloss spray paint to finish.

diy mini state pennants

I added a little ribbon and thank you tag to finish it off.

diy mini state pennants

A cute little favor idea that could also easily be a hanging ornament too.

diy mini state pennants


Karen Simon Peterson said...

What an ingenious idea! I love them. Happy New Year

MTDKY said...

I don't have a scroll saw, and this would be great practice.
However, I do have a 3D printer and this would be a fun project to print.