Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer 2017 Outdoor Home Tour

A special hello to you readers coming from Cassie's home at Cassie Bustamante.  Her home is always filled with fun surprises and Summer is no exception!  If you haven't visited her please check it out, I'll be right here waiting.

As part of the Seasonal Simplicity home tour series hosted by April at House by Hoff and Krista at The Happy Housie I'm here today to share with you our Summer outdoor space.  This week 25 diy and home bloggers will give you a beautiful glimpse into their summer homes with tons of inspiration and different styles, a feast for your eyes.

outdoor summer patio lounge furniture

seasonal simplicity summer blogger series

Naturally summer brings us outdoors so I'm focusing on the back patio space.  I recently completed a makeover where I swapped out the giant trestle dining table for a more casual and comfortable lounge area.

diy outdoor dining table

I built this outdoor dining table in August of 2014 and we loved it, it seats 10 adults easily so plenty of space.  But as we've lived in this home for a few years now I've come to the realization that there was no comfortable lounging furniture on the patio.  

outdoor lounge area back patio

The number of times we entertain where we need an enormous table are few so I decided to replace the big table with a sofa and swivel chairs (sources down below).  And I built a sturdy truss style coffee table to fit the center of the space.  So much better and so much more enticing.  I will eventually add a smaller dining table later this summer so stay tuned!

This new furniture has already gotten so much use and as summer goes along I can guarantee we will be out there every chance we get.

backyard antique farmhouse with pool

The patio is next to the pool, which is not open yet (this photo above is from last summer - see the old dining table) but I'll be sure to get a good photo of the new furniture on the patio once the pool is open.

lanterns on patio bluestone steps

As always I bring out the tiki torches for summer, they're super inexpensive and help with the bugs at night.

I'll show you my secret tiki torch installation tool:

tiki torch installation

I'm sure I'm not the first one to use a planting auger to make holes for their torch posts.

planting auger to install tiki torches

This probably needs no instruction but you literally drill a hole into the ground with the auger.  Pull up to get all the loose dirt out, insert the tiki torch post and firmly pack the dirt around the post.

Another option if you want a more portable tiki torch or don't have a place to insert the post in the earth is this stand idea I made here:

diy portable tiki torch stand
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Back to the patio and the diy truss coffee table:

outdoor summer patio furniture

I built the coffee table using the lumber from the old dining table and I made free plans here so you can build it too.  It's a solid coffee table that provides a nice anchor to all the lounge furniture.

outdoor summer patio makeover

Just for kicks, because everyone loves a good before and after, I thought I would share a photo from the back patio when we moved in 4 years ago:

koi pond before

The previous owners had installed a koi pond.  As beautiful and magnificent as koi are I actually didn't want anything to do with the expense of maintaining a koi pond.  So we relocated the koi to a friend's pond, drained the whole thing and pulled up the liner, lights and pump and filled it all in so now we have the perfect grassy area for the firepit:

patio area with koi pond filled in

It's amazing how much you can transform a space with a little planning and a lot of work!  At the end of the day it's definitely all worth it.

I hope you enjoyed my new outdoor space for Summer.   Be sure to stop by all the bloggers participating in the Seasonal Simplicity home tour.

Source list:

- Hampton Bay Spring Haven sofa: The Home Depot
- Hampton Bay Spring Haven swivel chair: The Home Depot 
- sofa & chairs cushion slipcovers: The Home Depot

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  1. such a beautiful place to relax and hang out, and i have major pool envy! such a gorgeous sanctuary you have.

    1. Thanks Cassie. Fingers crossed for some true summer weather soon!

  2. Your back patio looks so nice. Love your new table and that you recycled your old one into it! Those swivel chairs look so comfy and that is so smart to have them on swivels. Beautifully done as always!

    1. Thank you Amy. You are correct those swivel chairs are everything! My kids particularly think they're fun but honestly they are such a great converstaion area solution AND we can see the pool with ease so I feel safe.

  3. I loved your trestle table, but I love your truss coffee table even more - even better that it's getting more use too! Beautiful space, Jaime!

    1. Thanks Jen. Agree - the truss coffee table is just that much better and we can still eat off it so #winning. Send me some Texas sun and temps soon!

  4. Beautiful!! I could live out here all summer, especially after your pool is open! I love your home and your style!

    1. Debbie you are welcome anytime, it's not quite summer weather yet here in NY but soon. Your comments are always so kind, thank you.

  5. Oh my gosh, the trees, the patio, the's like the space my dreams are made of!! What an awesome place to spend the summer!!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. It is dreamy but some days I feel like it's a jungle! I do love the greenery and I don't mind the weekly trimming and weeding - small price to pay. I'm still amazed at how everything just grows and grows and grows.

  6. I love your outdoor space, Jaime! It looks so lush and green, like the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors - all those shade trees are amazing!!

  7. Your outdoor space is beautiful! The new lounging area is the perfect spot to relax. Love how you shrank the table! :D
    Thanks for the Tiki torch installation info, I need to do that, just yesterday mosquitoes had a feast on me while working outdoors. :/

  8. Jaime, that table is SO good! I am beyond impressed with your skills! I love your beautiful backyard for summer!

  9. Such a cozy space! I'd never want to leave. And I love the new table. You did an amazing job!

  10. I love your outdoor space, Jaime! It looks like the perfect place to relax and enjoy some lemonade :)

  11. Love your patio with its canopy of trees! Looks like the perfect place to enjoy summer.

  12. Love your beautiful outdoor space, Jamie! What a perfect place to relax in the summer! It was so fun being "on tour" with you this week!

    ~Abby =)

  13. Jaime,
    Your seating area on the terrace is so inviting... much more so than the koi pond. Great job restructuring and redesigning the space. All of the greenery (hostas are some of my favorites) under the big tree look lush. Here in north Texas, my yard never looks that lush. Summers are just too hot!


  14. I'm envious of your backyard. It looks amazing, and you have a pool. Yup, super envious! :)

  15. I love your outdoor space! I am jealous of your green thumb! All the plants and outdoor living space is perfection.

  16. When will the coffee table plans be posted? I need that yesterday!

    1. Hope to have the coffee table plans tomorrow first thing.